Medium Psychic Readings

Mediumship is the practice of communicating with the spirit world and those who reside there. Psychic mediums connect to the spirits of loved ones who have passed during a Séance. They tune into the spirit world and either see, hear or feel messages that the spirits want to give to their loved ones, and then pass them on to the person having the reader. Another method of passing along messages from the spirit world is channelling, or trance mediumship. This occurs when a psychic medium allows the spirit to take control of their mind and sometimes their body and relay their message using the medium’s voice as their own.

When you have a reading with a medium psychic reading with Australian Psychics, the reader will connect with you and tune in to the spirit world, communicating with the spirits on your behalf and relay the messages back to you, be it through images that they see or sounds they hear, or emotions that the spirits make them feel. If the reader has connected to somebody you know who has passed away, they will describe in as much detail as possibly the person they are communicating with, and relay anything that they want to say to you, as well as anything you want to tell them.

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